Services We Provide


Clinic Optimizers assists clinicians who are using or exploring compounding pharmacies to source medications for both clinic use and patient-specific purposes. CO offers product information, clinician education and treatment application protocols for commonly compounded prescribed medications. CO is trusted by FDA registered 503b and by PCAB certified 503a compounding pharmacies to provide physicians an educational resource and personalized support to help supplement their practices and to customize their patients’ treatment options.


Clinic Optimizers can assist with hormone testing including what methodology to use, what tests to order, and how to use them to administer, titrate, and monitor hormone and related therapies. In addition, CO provides clinics with access to low cost lab testing through a nationally recognized laboratory.


Clinic Optimizers also offers clinicians video or on-site training at an established clinic. Training is available in the following areas:

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in men and women
  • HPTA management in men
  • Hormone Replacement therapy using compounded products
  • Estrogen management using aromatase inhibitors and SERMS
  • Compounded adrenal and thyroid products
  • Growth Hormone secretagogue use and dosing
  • Add a Weight-Management program to your practice
  • IV and Injectable nutrition implementation and practice
  • Hormone and wellness blood testing and monitoring schedules
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Injections and marketing
  • Stem Cell treatments
  • Hair Restoration


Clinic Optimizers has established relationships with key vendors that are vital to practices that focus on HRT and wellness therapies. Contact us if you would like to be referred to one or more of the following resources:

  • FDA registered 503b compounding pharmacy for office use medications
  • PCAB accredited 503a compounding pharmacy for patient-specific medications
  • Wholesale lab tests through nationally located laboratories
  • Access to medical supply wholesalers
  • Clinic training and HRT protocol support software